Battle: Chaos vs. Imp.Guard/Squats

12 05 2008

Once again, Chaos tries to stomp an Imperial city. In the last instant, the Imps manage to draw help from a nearby Squat stronghold. Under the eerie white glow of 2 suns, the two forces face each other across the city centre.

While the Lord of Change charged ahead on the southern flank, supported by his minions and several detachments of Traitor Marines, Fulgrim threw his demonic hordes against the Squats on the northern flank. The Khorne war machines around the Lord of Battle and the Tzeentch Warlord Titan Mutator advanced in the centre against the massed ranks of Tactical infantry, two companies of superheavy tanks and the Reaver Tempestuous, supported by Squat Airships and two companies of Imperial and Squat bikers.

Tempestuous started the battle with a full volley at the enemy Titan and tanks: The Vortex missile exploded just short of the Titan, overloading its shields. Over the course of the first round, the Mutator was barraged by heavy fire from all sides, to which it eventually succumbed. Imperial and Squat artillery pounded the enemy lines all over the field.

Over the course of the first round, Chaos was battered heavily by the massed Imperial firepower, losing almost all tanks and daemon engines and a lot of the infantry not caught up in their mad charge against the Imperial positions. Valkyries dropped off two platoons of assault troops to tie the enemy up in a fight around the centre objective while the support bikes held back and the tactical gunners dug in around the line objectives . The Doomwing roared by to wreak havoc among the defenders, burning a few bikes to cinders with its flame bombs (2).
To the north, enraged by the presence of their mutated cousins and supported by heavy fire, the advance spearhead of guild bikers clashes with the first enemies around the centre objective taken by Chaos squats (3).
By the end of the round (which took us about 3 hours), the chaos advance was halted for the moment, the mutants recoiling from heavy losses inflicted in the centre (map): The Lord of Battle was toppled by salvoes from the Stormblades missiles, all of which were looseded in the first round. The airships lost the Grindel’s Fist, but rained fire all over the northern half of the field (4). The Silver Tower formation broke apart, thus failing to shield the advance of the minotaur band. Again and again, Chaos had been able to protect its greater demons through the use of fell magic.

Round 2 turned out to be a much shorter mop-up of the Chaotic forces that had still not been able to reach the firepower behind the covering Imperial forces. The bike company, still largely intact, tied up the rest of the Tzeentch advance in the south, whose survivors were picked off by tactical covering fire. The doomwing made a largely effectless run against the supporting line of firepower before being brought down (5).
The heavy tanks covered the centre (6). The hot spot in round 2 was the carnage wrought around the northern centre objective: The Squats poured all their bike company into the fight against the mass of mutants and lesser demons(7).

Emperor be praised, the Imperials had held the city! Having broken most of the Chaos forces, IG/SQ already had had a massive lead of over 20VPs more at the end of round 1 due to persistent fire aimed at strategic targets. The plan to tie Chaos up with light assaults had paid off on the southern flank. In the north, the Squats had bravely tried to stem the Chaos tide that swamped the centre objective. Also, winnig the initiative for both rounds certainly helped, especially in the first shot of the game, the vortex missile! In the end, the centre objectives had largely been given up to Chaos in exchange for the VPs their broken ranks brought. Final score 66 to fiftysomething VPs if I remember right.


Trench and Bunker

9 04 2008

The first model in a planned series of trenches and fortifications. As can be seen, the trench is sized to Epic40k square bases. Complete with sandbags, ammo crates, floor boards.

Tank Emplacement #2

9 04 2008

A variation on the previously posted model. Again, cast from PlastalinSuper, comes out white and can easily be painted in any manner best suited to your battlefield.

Battle: Chaos vs. Marines/Imp.Guard

3 04 2008


The whole battle is too sad a story to remember, so here’s just a few pics and what happened.
Blood Angels patch together an army with IG to rid overrun Imperial homeworld of the Chaos infestation, and fail miserably.

The combined Tzeentch/Khorne force attacked on both flanks with massed ranks of beastmen and lesser demons, supported by 3 Greater Demons and some Chaos gadgetry (Silver Towers). The Imperials were hoping to stop the tide with firepower (Ad.Ord.Armageddon, Leviathan, not enough Artillery) while the Marines landed their Veteran Company behind the enemy lines in order to recapture the city objectives. The latter were squashed spectacularly and shamefully by beastmen and chaos marines, while the first obviously had impaired targeting abilities and managed to hit next to nothing. Add a few few misplaced orders on the Imperials’ side and far too many Chaos Reward cards on the Chaos player’s hand (not too mention his dice luck that nearly got him lynched), with the result of a serious thrashing for the Imps.

Fresh Paint…

24 03 2008

Easter Weekend, finally time to get some models finished that have already started collecting dust. Here’s the Leviathan the 2nd Imperial Company will ride in next time. Below, the second squadron of Gyrocopter gunships to bolster the Squat Company which will get a Leviathan soon too, bringing our Squat Forces up to around 7000 points. The last add were 3 Thunderhawk Gunships to replace the nasty old squarish ones (the flying toasters).

The Tzeentch Titan Conversion was also long overdue to progress. I started using Milliput, which opens a whole new range of possibilities. For instance the Tzeentch Beak stuck to the Titan’s face. I have tried achieving similar results with other air-drying stuff which, of course, never worked. This stuff now is amazing, make sure you let set overnight, and you can drill and saw and file to your heart’s content. Also worked well on stabilising the tail.


I haven’t quite figured out the weaponry concerning rules and stats, the right arm is a chainsaw plus plasma weapon, the other arm is obviously something huge and evil, plus the tail with some kind of stingy Tzeentch Magic. I had the idea of fixing a missile rack on the carapace as well, but I didn’t want to make it an overkill monstrosity (which it probably already is anyway) and it would have sat right in front of the tail gun.

Tank Emplacements

18 03 2008


Something for those Siegers & Besieged among you! Tank Emplacements.
Lovingly detailed, complete with sandbags, tracks and ammo crates. Cast out of Plastalin, a very sturdy plaster-like material. It might not survive drops from high altitudes but it can take a lot of throwing about on the gametable (By the way, the missing corner on one of the pieces is due to my impatience and taking the first cast out of the mold before it had set properly – a really bad habit). This is the first in a series of assault scenario pieces, already got trenches and bunkers lined up, first pictures will go up here soonish.

Feel free to ask about possibilities to get your hands on a theoretically unlimited number of these!

Modular Imperial Warehouses

23 01 2008

Another idea, again: you guessed it – modular. Using alginate to produce temporary molds from plasticard-scratchbuilt building fronts, I spent an afternoon pouring facades with a porcelain-like substance called Plastalin Super. Bought a kilo to get me started, here are the first runs:


The parts, put together, begin to look like this:


Here’s a pic of the roughly patched together warehouses painted ready for gaming: