17 08 2009

We’ve been adding about 10 yards of tarmac and loads of ruinous buildings to our city. Some impressions:



…time flies…

1 07 2009

…and a lot has happened, I just didn’t find the time to take pictures and process them into something presentable. As soon as I can, there’ll be pics of the new Guard Regiment WIP for Epic40k and ruinous terrain pieces, in the meantime this:

Someone at posted this link, for all their knobblyness quite nice minis.

Rubble Tiles

19 10 2008

Finally, winter is coming on and with it time at the worktable.
We always thought that the gaming table about round 2 or 3 was looking far too pristine for all the carnage and destruction wrought. I modelled and cast the first rubble tile a while ago, here it is in painted state. Also lined up is one with a gutted Imperial tank, a couple with dead infantry, maybe a downed aircraft.

A purely aesthetic piece, although they could be used to give infantry the cover bonus they should have hiding behind destroyed tanks. Alternatively, they might be used as objectives.

Just in case you’re wondering….

19 07 2008

…why nothing seems to be happening here recently:
I’m occupied with other projects at the time but I’ve quite some stuff lined up to be cast, painted, and destroyed in 40th millennium warfare!

Keep coming back!

Trench and Bunker

9 04 2008

The first model in a planned series of trenches and fortifications. As can be seen, the trench is sized to Epic40k square bases. Complete with sandbags, ammo crates, floor boards.

Tank Emplacement #2

9 04 2008

A variation on the previously posted model. Again, cast from PlastalinSuper, comes out white and can easily be painted in any manner best suited to your battlefield.

Fresh Paint…

24 03 2008

Easter Weekend, finally time to get some models finished that have already started collecting dust. Here’s the Leviathan the 2nd Imperial Company will ride in next time. Below, the second squadron of Gyrocopter gunships to bolster the Squat Company which will get a Leviathan soon too, bringing our Squat Forces up to around 7000 points. The last add were 3 Thunderhawk Gunships to replace the nasty old squarish ones (the flying toasters).

The Tzeentch Titan Conversion was also long overdue to progress. I started using Milliput, which opens a whole new range of possibilities. For instance the Tzeentch Beak stuck to the Titan’s face. I have tried achieving similar results with other air-drying stuff which, of course, never worked. This stuff now is amazing, make sure you let set overnight, and you can drill and saw and file to your heart’s content. Also worked well on stabilising the tail.


I haven’t quite figured out the weaponry concerning rules and stats, the right arm is a chainsaw plus plasma weapon, the other arm is obviously something huge and evil, plus the tail with some kind of stingy Tzeentch Magic. I had the idea of fixing a missile rack on the carapace as well, but I didn’t want to make it an overkill monstrosity (which it probably already is anyway) and it would have sat right in front of the tail gun.