Rubble Tiles

19 10 2008

Finally, winter is coming on and with it time at the worktable.
We always thought that the gaming table about round 2 or 3 was looking far too pristine for all the carnage and destruction wrought. I modelled and cast the first rubble tile a while ago, here it is in painted state. Also lined up is one with a gutted Imperial tank, a couple with dead infantry, maybe a downed aircraft.

A purely aesthetic piece, although they could be used to give infantry the cover bonus they should have hiding behind destroyed tanks. Alternatively, they might be used as objectives.


Trench and Bunker

9 04 2008

The first model in a planned series of trenches and fortifications. As can be seen, the trench is sized to Epic40k square bases. Complete with sandbags, ammo crates, floor boards.

Tank Emplacement #2

9 04 2008

A variation on the previously posted model. Again, cast from PlastalinSuper, comes out white and can easily be painted in any manner best suited to your battlefield.

Tank Emplacements

18 03 2008


Something for those Siegers & Besieged among you! Tank Emplacements.
Lovingly detailed, complete with sandbags, tracks and ammo crates. Cast out of Plastalin, a very sturdy plaster-like material. It might not survive drops from high altitudes but it can take a lot of throwing about on the gametable (By the way, the missing corner on one of the pieces is due to my impatience and taking the first cast out of the mold before it had set properly – a really bad habit). This is the first in a series of assault scenario pieces, already got trenches and bunkers lined up, first pictures will go up here soonish.

Feel free to ask about possibilities to get your hands on a theoretically unlimited number of these!

City Blocks Set #1

5 11 2007

We offer:


(excludes Miniatures and base tiles shown)

Price depends on the amount of models taken and need not necessarily be monetary (swapping possible). Contact us with your inquiry.