Epicscapes is a hobby project born out of a personal renaissance of Warhammer 40K Epic Scale Wargaming. After years of abstinence we dug out the Armies we collected and played as teenagers, and, more importantly, added loads of scenery pieces that gave the tabletop a wholly new feel.

This blog is about our exploits as players and, more importantly, as modellers of terrain pieces that can be used with any kind of scifi-themed 6mm tabletop game. We will show the progress of ongoing little Projects, talk about Gaming, and show what we have to offer in terms of Merchandise. Just follow the Links in the sidebar to read more.

Note: This blog is wholly unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop. All Games Workshop titles, logos and artwork is copyrighted by Games Workshop Ltd, and we do in no way intend to infringe on these. Otherwise, all content is copyrighted to EpicScapes by CreativeCommons license.
The reason we are posting all this in English (being Germans) is that the game has a lot more friends in the UK. If there are any Germans out there who have problems understanding what we are on about: Schreibt uns eine Mail und wir melden uns.


5 responses

31 01 2008

Nice job! I like it a lot. I´m mainly a Space Marine/Netepic player from Barcelona.
Keep Epic alive!

29 12 2008

Awsome. Ive got loads of Epic, love it, anything that keeps it alive is great! All the best from Plymouth, England.

2 07 2011

Please have a look at http://www.gcmini.com We have been making 6mm scenery for wargamers for years … I think a lot of what we offer could be useful in your Epic gaming.

1 12 2011
Keyan Sark

Really impressive what you have there. I am also a NetEPIC player (this time from Madrid) and this blog is now on my favourites list… And I thought I had many epic miniatures! Sigh! 😀

14 10 2015


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