Battle: Orks vs. Iron Fists Astartes

19 10 2008

After a long gaming break a short but intense battle: 2500pts each of Astartes trying to cleanse part of an Imperial city of two Ork klans.

Backed by Whirlwind missile and Devastator fire support, the two companies (RED; 1st Veteran, 2nd Battle) charged ahead to secure the forward objectives. The Assault Marines on the left flank and the Veterans covering objective 3 on the right flank took heavy fire from the Bad Moonz holed up in ruins and Goff Nobz on the other side (GREEN). The Mekboy Gargant lumbered forward, its kustom kannon whirring to life – and blowing off the arm in an explosive misfire, starting a fire, spreading a frenzied panic and more explosions inside. The gargant belched a puff of black smoke once, then blew apart. Meanwhile, the Battle Fortress paving its way was destroyed by repeated Land Raider fire, and a hush fell over the Ork horde as the Marines cheered and raised a battle cry signalling the charge that took them right into the enemy (round 2). Two Veteran detachments and the Terminators managed to break the Goff klan into flight while the units on the far side could only overcome the Weirdboy Tower shielded by a dragster by a close assault. Still backed by Devastator and Land Raider support, the Iron Fists mopped up the last resisting units before the Orks ran to fight another day.
Win for the Space Marines by VPs.




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20 10 2008

NICE to see you are back!

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